Did you know that getting a massage doesn’t just feel wonderful, but it can actually work synergistically with your chiropractic appointment?

When you get a massage, your muscles become relaxed, which makes your body easier to manipulate. When your body is easier to manipulate, your body responds better to adjustments. Though chiropractic adjustments rarely cause pain, if your muscles are tense, adjustments may require more aggression, which could cause some slight discomfort.

Getting a massage before each chiropractic adjustment helps increase circulation, improve flexibility, and improves the range of motion of your joints. All these benefits allow your body to easily transition to your adjustment. Massages don’t just make your adjustment easier and more comfortable, but it also helps maintain your adjustment.

When muscles are tight, they are shortened. This shortening pulls on the attachment sites of the various bones and joints in your body. When bones and joints are being pulled by tight muscles, they can slip back into their pre-adjustment position. This hinders progress and may cause pain. It may even require the need for more frequent adjustments.

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