For many women, pregnancy means aches, pains, and discomfort. After all, your body is growing and changing to accommodate at least one growing human, so that has to come with a little pain, right?

Not necessarily!

By adding chiropractic care into your prenatal life, you can have a more pleasant pregnancy, easier delivery, and quicker recovery period following birth.

Many women who get routine adjustments during pregnancy report better sleep, easier mobility, and less pain, among other benefits.

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Is Chiropractic Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy seems to come with a lot of “don’t”s: Don’t eat sushi, don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat soft cheeses or deli meats, don’t drink caffeine.

The good news is that chiropractic care isn’t one of those “don’t”s!

As long as you are being treated by a certified, trained prenatal chiropractor, chiropractic is completely safe for most women during pregnancy. Be sure to discuss your desire to seek chiropractic care with your obstetrician or midwife to make sure you don’t have any conditions that could cause complications.

There are some women who should avoid chiropractic care during pregnancy. It is best to find a different way to relieve your pregnancy discomfort if you are experiencing:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Placenta previa or placenta abruption
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Moderate to severe toxemia

Chiropractors have a variety of adjustment methods at their disposal, so you won’t be told to lie on your stomach for a manual adjustment if you’re pregnant. Instead, your chiropractor may use an adjusting table and methods that don’t put pressure on your abdomen when performing an adjustment.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe for My Baby?

Just as with your pregnancy, as long as your baby is growing and developing normally and there are no health concerns, chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe.

Seeing a chiropractor can actually provide benefits to your baby, including:

Giving More Room in Utero

If your pelvis is misaligned, it can decrease the amount of space your baby has to grow and develop. This can, in severe cases, lead to lower birth weight and restricted growth.

A chiropractor can help realign your pelvis, allowing your baby to grow and develop properly.

Better Birth Outcomes

A misaligned spine and pelvis can cause your baby to get into a position that isn’t great for a speedy delivery.

A properly aligned spine creates a better environment for birth, decreasing the chances of invasive birth interventions such as a C-section.

How Can Getting Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Help Me?

There are a variety of benefits to chiropractic care, regardless of whether or not you are pregnant.

Some of the standard benefits of routine chiropractic adjustments include:

  • Decreased pain
  • Decreased headaches and migraines
  • Better range of motion
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Reduced inflammation

For pregnant women, whose bodies are changing rapidly, there are additional benefits to chiropractic care.

Better Posture

Leaning backward to counter-balance that big belly late in pregnancy is completely normal, isn’t it?

Postural changes, especially ones that cause you to greatly bend your spine from its natural position, are a sign that you have a problem with your spine. It isn’t strong and healthy enough to properly accommodate your changing center of balance, and shifting your weight is causing extra stress on your hips, knees, back, and ankles.

Seeing a chiropractor can help readjust and strengthen your spine, bringing you back to your natural posture and decreasing the pressure on the rest of your body.

Decreased Nausea

The tales of not being able to hold down a meal during pregnancy are legendary.

While many women, thankfully, move past the morning sickness phase sometime in the second trimester, others still feel queasy all the way up to their delivery date. In some extreme cases, a woman can suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum, where extreme nausea is a condition of everyday life throughout the pregnancy and can even lead to dehydration.

Whether you have mild nausea early in pregnancy or you have trouble throughout your whole pregnancy, chiropractic care can ease your symptoms.

A chiropractic adjustment can reduce any pressure that your growing baby may be placing on your stomach, or it can reset your central nervous and digestive systems to ease the nauseated feeling, giving you a more pleasant pregnancy.

Better Pelvic Health

As your baby grows, they take up a great deal of room inside your body. If you’ve got a misaligned pelvis, the amount of room your baby has is even further restricted.

When your pelvis is misaligned, it can make it difficult for your baby to get in an optimal position for birth.

As you labor, your pelvis widens to accommodate the baby’s entry into the world. A misaligned pelvis can lead to your baby being Breech, decreasing chances of a non-invasive pregnancy and increasing the possibility of a C-section.

Chiropractic adjustment can realign your pelvis, allowing it to open properly during labor and give you a smoother delivery.

Decreased Back Pain

The rapid weight gain that accompanies pregnancy can put extra strain and pressure on your back, especially if you have other spinal misalignment or weakness.

Rather than suffer the discomfort that comes with back pain until you give birth, getting chiropractic care can make your pain better for a happier pregnancy.

Better Sleep

Many of the aches and pains that come with pregnancy can rear their ugly heads just when you’re trying to get to sleep. You get uncomfortable and feel the need to toss and turn, or your heartburn flares up, and insomnia kicks in.

With a chiropractic adjustment, you can decrease the pain and discomfort from back and hip misalignments, and reduce the occurrence of heartburn. This allows you to sleep better and longer, leaving you feeling more refreshed the next morning.

Reduced Labor & Delivery Time

When your spine is healthy and in proper alignment, your body can do what it was designed to do during labor. But when you’re out of alignment, that can make it difficult for your baby to make an easy entry into the world.

Having routine chiropractic care gets your spine healthy, letting your pelvis open properly and allowing for a faster labor and delivery process.

When Should I See a Chiropractor During Pregnancy?

You can see a chiropractor at any time during your pregnancy.

Many women wait until they experience sciatica, back pain, or hip pain to seek out chiropractic care. While it’s perfectly acceptable to wait until you have symptoms, getting chiropractic care earlier in your pregnancy can help prevent the aches and pains from even developing in the first place.

If you see a chiropractor prior to pregnancy, you can continue care as long as your doctor agrees it’s safe for you.

What Happens when I See a Chiropractor During Pregnancy?

Most chiropractic care comes in three main phases: evaluation, treatment, and maintenance.

Evaluation & Treatment Plan

Before you can receive official chiropractic treatment, your chiropractor will need to get an idea of your health history, the symptoms you’re experiencing, and your goals for treatment.

Your chiropractor will likely ask you to fill out paperwork prior to your first visit, including a complete medical history. They may even order medical records from your primary care doctor and obstetrician or midwife to confirm that your pregnancy is healthy and progressing as it should.

At your first appointment, you will discuss your medical history, your pain, and your goals for treatment with your chiropractor. A physical examination may be conducted to evaluate the source of your pain and your range of motion.

A treatment plan will be developed after the examination and discussion, and this will outline the type and frequency of treatment to help you reach your goals. This plan will be updated as your treatment progresses and you work toward your goals.


Your chiropractic treatment phase can last from a few weeks to the remainder of your pregnancy, and you may need to see your chiropractor a few times a week depending on how severe your pain is.

The chiropractor will gently, safely adjust your spine to realign it and restore your health and well-being. As your pain decreases, your frequency of treatment will decrease.


Once you’ve reached your treatment goals, you move into the maintenance phase of chiropractic care.

During this phase, you may see your chiropractor a couple times a month or on an as-needed basis, especially following delivery. Maintenance chiropractic is designed to keep your spine in good alignment for long-term health and reduction of pain.

Quality Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy in Eugene

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