“We have a passion for not only helping you feel better, but for educating you on how you ended up in this pain and how to prevent it in the future.”

Meet Dr. Beth Washak, OBCE #5052

Dr Beth Washak Oregon Chiropractor OBCE #5052I moved from Illinois to Eugene with my husband Ben (who is also my office manager) and we had our son Jaxson here. When not at the office we enjoy camping, hiking, fishing and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

After attending Blackburn College with a major in Biology and Chemistry, I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic where I graduated Cum Laude with my doctorate in Chiropractic as well as a Bachelor’s of Science. I found chiropractic just as many people do, in crisis with pain in my lower back. I was having difficulty working and was only sixteen years old! I was a competitive dancer and needed to be my best.

My parents owned a health food store and a chiropractor was in the shop next door. I hobbled into his office and he immediately evaluated me and told me all that was happening in my body to produce this debilitating pain.

He went on to explain that the entire body is controlled by the nervous system with the brain communicating to the body through the spine and out each nerve to every organ in my body. I went in to his office wanting to get rid of my lower back pain and left with a much better understanding of how the body works.

I followed the treatment plan given by my chiropractor, each time feeling better and stronger as well as learning more and more about how the body functions. Within weeks my spine felt better than ever.

Surprisingly to me (but not to my chiropractor) intestinal discomfort that I had had almost every day of my life had cleared up. I had a new career path!

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Meet Liz Fifield, LMT #18384

Liz Fifield, Oregon Massage Therapist LMT#18384It was a sunny day in August of 2011 in Portland when I received my license from the state of Oregon and became an LMT (licensed massage therapist). I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in December of 2010 with a 4.0, which I maintained for the entirety of the 800-hour program.

I had never been an excellent student until I entered the massage program. I finally found a subject that still to this day peaks my interest and inspires me to seek and explore more information and skills to better my practice. I was always a “jane of all trades, master of none”. I spent my time dappling in a variety of different fields but not really finding the one that inspired me to dive deeper. Then, I found the joy of massage through a co-worker who was in the massage program at East West. After my first massage session at the school’s clinic, I was hooked.

In my practice, I use my calm/grounded personality to help my clients relax and feel comfortable enough to release their bodies and minds to the work they need and, in some cases, fall asleep. Naps are underrated.  I have been told that I’m an excellent listener and have intuitive hands. My hands guide me to the spots on the body that need the most attention and my clients appreciate this ability as sometimes we don’t know an area is sore until it is worked on.

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Meet Skyler Weisenburgh, LMT #023112

Skyler, a licensed massage therapist at Eugene Family ChiropracticI grew up in a family that had a passion for wellness of the mind. I, too, wanted to help people feel their best but instead of the mind, I wanted to focus on the whole body. After receiving my first massage, something clicked, and I knew that’s how I wanted to help others.

I attended East West College of the Healing Arts and became a massage therapist at the start of 2017. Ever since then, I have sought to increase quality of life for all my clients. My goal has always been to help by reducing and preventing pain, which I reflect in my practice. I have met and remedied many clients in my years of working with people, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

I will use modalities that I know both help and feel great. From Swedish to deep tissue, I will do my best to absolve my clients of their discomfort and bring them into a brighter, painless future

In my free time, I can be found enjoying coffee at my favorite downtown spot or adventuring with my sister and brother-in-law. I also like to spend time with animal family; my dog, Minnie, and my cat, Dumbledore. Other hobbies include comic sketching and reading.

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Meet Ginger Kelly, Chiropractic Assistant

Ginger Kelly is the office manager at Eugene Family ChiropracticI first passed through the doors of Eugene Family Chiropractic as a patient after I finally decided that my health was important, and I needed to take care of ongoing back issues.

Just a few months later I had an accident and became a regular around the office. Everyone at Eugene Family Chiropractic took such good care of me. I fell in love with the staff and the environment they created. When the opportunity to be a part of that came up, I just couldn’t say no.

When I’m not in the office, I enjoy taking long walks, driving around the countryside, and visiting with friends while sampling the local faire. At home, I spend my time solving puzzles of all kinds and cuddling with my cats, Kazzhiell, Krieshtah, and Spyrhtah.

Meet Rhea Costantino, Chiropractic Assistant

Rhea HSRhea has been a part of the Eugene Family Chiropractic team since 2016.  She has served in just about every capacity available in the clinic and now specializes in the billing portion part time while attending nursing school full time.

Rhea is a dancer by training and loves to fill her limited free time with yoga, meal prepping and playing with her kitty, Poppy.