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Massage at Eugene Family Chiropractic

All of our massage services are performed by our amazing LMT, Liz Fifield. She is a very skilled massage therapist with over a decade of experience and many clients that adore her! Liz is trained to use a variety of techniques to restore your body. Schedule a massage with her today!
Relaxing the body

Massage Services

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is performed to relax the body and ease muscle tension. This technique can be used alongside chiropractic to promote healing and optimize the results of the adjustment. Liz can work to reduce stress in the soft tissues and focus on allowing the muscles to work properly in conjunction with chiropractic care.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage during pregnancy uses a combination of techniques to help relieve pain and tension from carrying baby. Bolsters and pillows are used to keep mama comfortable, and Liz is able to perform side-laying massage in the later stages of pregnancy.

Injury Recovery

Injury recovery massage is often utilized for those who come to our office for support after an auto accident or other injury. Massage or Manual Therapy techniques may be used to help speed the healing process of the body, and is often paired with chiropractic care to gain the best results from each treatment.

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is a technique used for deeper and more focused work on specific muscles. This type of work allows for healing in certain areas of the body that need more attention rather than a generalized, whole body approach. Manual Therapy is also a beneficial treatment to pair with chiropractic work for maximized results in both.
Injury Recovery

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