The Benefits Of Family Chiropractic

Eugene Family Chiropractic is a unique service dedicated to the treatment of all members of the family. Chiropractic services are effectively used to treat a variety of conditions, including managing migraines and body pain and addressing mobility, spine, and movement challenges.

Many people in the Eugene area assume that a family chiropractor only works on issues related to back pain or discomfort. In fact, chiropractic care is effective in the management and treatment of many types of health conditions related to the nerve system and the spine. The whole body is connected through the nervous system and the spine, and spinal alignment can address issues from digestion through to discomfort during pregnancy and after the birth of the child.

Chiropractic therapy is typically conducted over several sessions. At each session, the doctor evaluates the patient from a whole-person perspective. In this way, the wellbeing and health of the individual become the focus, not just treatment of the symptoms.

Meet the Chiropractor

Dr. Beth Washak is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of family chiropractic. She offers complete chiropractic therapy to address chronic pain and mobility issues, as well as offering car accident treatment to correct damage done through this type of trauma on the body and spine.

Part of the auto accident treatment recommended can be massage therapy, which is also available at Eugene Family Chiropractic. Through muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation, healing is enhanced, and people feel refreshed and energized after the therapy.

Unlike traditional types of medical visits, an appointment with a chiropractor involves the doctor listening to the patient and gaining a complete understanding of the problems or issues. Working from a holistic approach, the chiropractor then discusses options, providing the patient with the necessary information to determine the best treatment approach.

Chiropractors work with the patient to determine areas of pain, discomfort, or mobility challenges. Dr. Beth offers chiropractic therapy for the whole family, including for children. Correcting misalignments of the spine can help with a wide range of childhood health conditions while also developing increased health and wellness for life.

To find out more about chiropractic treatment and massage therapy, schedule an appointment with Dr. Beth today.

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