We are excited to help you on your way in the journey of wellness. Below you will find information for all kinds of New Patients, as well as our intake forms. Please take a moment to read about what your first visit would look like, and if you have any further questions or decide to schedule we would be happy to help at 541-632-3540!

New Patients

If you are new to chiropractic, or just new to our clinic, you may be wondering what the process looks like to become a new patient. We are here to help! The journey to becoming a client at Eugene Family Chiropractic starts with scheduling. We recommend booking a Free Phone Consultation up to 10 minutes to discuss your needs and payment options. Our office is not taking new Medicare recipients, and if we are billing insurance we will need additional information to check your benefits. Setting up a consultation allows for us to get all of this worked out before your first appointment.
After scheduling your first appointment, we have our intake paperwork linked below for your convenience. You can fill it out ahead of time and bring it to your appointment, or arrive 15 minutes early to complete intake in the office.
During your appointment Dr. Beth will start with a physical examination to assess your condition and determine a treatment plan, which usually involves a series of adjustments. These adjustments do not treat symptoms, but help to retrain your spine towards wellness. The first adjustment is often done the same day at the initial visit, and we recommend for patients to schedule their treatment plan out at the end of the first appointment. Our schedule fills quickly, and it is important to us to be able to see your treatment through. Scheduling in advance helps keep the process easy and convenient to get you on track to wellness!
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Pediatric New Patients1

Pediatric New Patients

First visits for kids are very similar to the process for adults as stated above. Dr. Beth will perform a physical exam to see what’s going on and to determine the best course of action. Part of the exam is an interview to gather the patient’s medical history, so for pediatric visits parents may be present to help explain the childs condition. A parent or guardian MUST be present for the first appointment for any patients under the age of 18 to give consent to treat a minor. After that, older kids and teens do not need an adult to accompany them to appointments if they wish to come alone.
Many people have questions about the actual adjustment of our pediatric patients. Dr. Beth is a member of the ICPA, and has experience adjusting children of all ages. These adjustments are very gentle and specific to each patient’s body. Adjusting a newborn, she uses different techniques than she would with an adult. Other tools and hands on techniques allow her to adjust each patient for their own needs.
Pediatric intake forms are linked with the button below if you wish to fill it out before your appointment. Newborns through 16 years of age should use this form, anyone older than 16 should use the Adult Intake Form linked above.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

From fender benders to major accidents, chiropractic care can help victims decrease pain and get back to life as it was. These cases can vary in levels of complication, so a Free Phone Consultation with the doctor would be helpful to determine the course of action. We would love to connect and make sure our clinic is a good fit to start your recovery!
After scheduling an appointment, we have linked our MVA intake paperwork below. If you would like to print it out to do before your appointment you can bring it to your visit. Otherwise we recommend arriving 30 minutes early as the paperwork is extensive.
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